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Administrative Building

The head office of a social institution is to be restructured. It is therefore considered to divide some departments of non-stationary uses into a separate building. The architectural office, BITS & BEITS GmbH, was commissioned to develop an appealing concept on the adjacent property. The narrow but very long piece of land required an extraordinary solution, so that the necessary distance to the neighboring property can be maintained.

We have decided in favour of a ground floor in solid construction in which in addition to office space and social areas, a large meeting room is planned, which can also be used for events after the closing of the administrative area. Access to the building takes place from the long side so as to be able to use the existing parking spaces for the new building.

The upper floor is designed as a timber frame construction, so in lightweight construction. Exterior walls and roof with internal shuttering and thermal insulation. The exterior wall paneling consists of coloured fiber cement panels. The upper floor spans from the ground floor in order to comply with the demands on the distance to the neighboring property, as well in the gable area of the ground floor, so that the upper floor acts as an independent structure, which lays down as a cuboid on the ground floor.

The new building, together with the existing building, forms an urban space that can be shared by the employees.


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