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Privacy Statement

Important notice: This article was machine translated and not by a real person. Please visit for the original Privacy Statement in German language.

1. Subject of this Privacy Statement

The protection of your personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") is our big and very important concern. Below we would like to give you a detailed description of which data is collected by us and how it is processed or used, as well as what accompanying protective measures we take in technical and organizational terms.

2. Responsible body / service provider

Responsible according to Art. 4 DSGVO and at the same time service provider within the meaning of the Broadcasting Treaty (Telemediengesetz/TMG) are:
Bernhard Wellmann and Heike Taylor
BITS & BEITS GmbH Büro für Architektur
Bahnhofstraße 11, D-32105 Bad Salzuflen
Telephone +49 5222-9307-0
Fax +49 5222-9307-20
Bernhard Wellmann and Heike Taylor are responsible under § 55 of the Broadcasting Treaty (Telemediengesetz/TMG).

3. Collection and use of your data

All personal data that we collect from you will only be collected, processed and used for the specified purpose. In doing so, we consider that this happens only within the framework of applicable legislation or otherwise only with your explicit consent.

Under the EU Data Protection Regulation, you have a right at any time to receive free information about your stored data and possibly a right of correction, blocking or deletion of this data.

In accordance with Art. 21 GDPR and in the cases mentioned there you have the right to object to the processing of your data. Please contact
or send us your request by mail.

You have the right to complain to the authority for Data Protection (The State Commissioner for Data Protection and Informational Freedom NRW, PO Box 20 04 44, D-40102 Düsseldorf, Tel: +49 211 / 38424-0, Fax: +49 211 / 38424-10, E-Mail:

The extent and nature of the collection and use of your data differs depending on whether you visit our website only for information retrieval or if you make use of the services offered:

a) Internet usage

For the informational use of our website, it is not required that you provide personal information.

Rather, in this case, we collect and use only data that which are automatically transmitted by your Internet browser, such as:
• Date and time of retrieval of one of our websites
• your browser type
• the browser settings
• the operating system used
• the page you visited last
• the transferred amount of data and the access status (file transfer, file not found etc.) as well as
• your IP address.

This information is collected and used during an informative visit exclusively in non-personal form. This is done to make the use of our website possible, for statistical purposes as well as to improve our internet offer. We only store the IP address for the duration of your visit, a personal evaluation does not take place. A This data is not merged with other data sources, the data is also deleted after a statistical evaluation. In considerance of the Broadcasting Treaty (Telemediengesetz/TMG), this is in accordance with the decision of the European Court of Justice of 19.10.2016 (Ref .: C 582/14).

b) Use of services / data usage to fulfill the task

If you want to take advantage of our services, you may need to provide more information, as more data is required for the respective transaction. Additional information not required can be given volunteerly; they are marked as optional by us.

Some of the services are also provided in the login area of the homepage.

The collection or use of your data is for the purpose to provide the desired service.

Your data for the aforementioned purpose, if necessary to us supporting service providers which, of course, we carefully selected and adhered to Have committed to privacy laws. This may in particular be technical Service or shipping service (lettershop etc.) act.

The transfer of your data to other third parties is otherwise only if legally so is allowed or we have received your explicit consent.

4. Data protection consent

In addition to the proceßing of your desired services, we would like to - Of course, only as far as you explicitly agree in a separate place - one to offer your interests oriented Internet appearance as well as occasionally by post or e-mail (in the form of our newsletter) interesting for you based on your data News and information about us and your data neceßary evaluation and for market research purposes. This is it technically neceßary that we use your accumulated and specified data in usage profiles summarize and evaluate these for the above purposes. This is done only internally and only for the aforementioned purposes.

For the publication of images subject to your copyright or on the You may also require your consent.

You can give your consent separately. You can follow them at any time revoked with effect for the future.

The consent regarding cookies or advertising trackers is based on below § 6 of this declaration.

5. Newsletter

In order to register with our e-mail newsletter service, we need next to Your data protection consent at least your e-mail addreß, to which the Newsletter should be sent. Any further information is voluntary and will be used to personally addreß you and the content of the newsletter personally to be able to clarify and to be able to clarify questions about the e-mail addreß.

For newsletter distribution, we usually use the so-called double opt-in procedure, i.e. we will not send you the newsletter until you have your Registration via a confirmation e-mail sent to you for this purpose confirm the link contained. With it we want to make sure that only you yourself as Holders of the specified e-mail addreß can subscribe to the newsletter. Your this confirmation must be made promptly after receiving the confirmation e-mail, otherwise your newsletter subscription will be automatically deleted from our database becomes.

You can unsubscribe from a newsletter subscribed to by us at any time. To You can either send us an informal e-mail or the link at the end to cancel the newsletter.

6. Use of cookies

For our website we use the technology of cookies. Cookies are small Text files created during our visit to our website by our Web server sent to your browser and from this on your machine for a be maintained later. We also use so-called web beacons (invisible graphics). Through these web beacons can be information like the visit be evaluated on our websites. The through cookies and web beacons generated information about the use of this website (including the IP addreß). Addreß of users) and delivery of advertising can also be sent to Google's servers LLC in the European Union and the United States and stored there. (see No. 8). The transferred data can not be saved with any other data you have stored Data merged.

Whether cookies can be set and retrieved can be seen through the settings in Determine your browser yourself. In your browser you can save about Disable cookies entirely, restrict it to certain websites or yours Configure browser to automatically notify you as soon as a cookie should be set and asks you for feedback. For the full range of functions However, due to technical reasons, our website requires the named seßion.

From the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25.05.2018 we will be in front of the Use of cookies Your explicit consent to the use of cookies prior to their use Obtain use.

7. Right of revocation and opposition

We point out that you have given us any data protection law Consent at any time with effect for the future can withdraw. As far as legal There are no requirements for collecting data (e.g., architect list), none exists Withdrawal.

8. Use of statistics tools

Google Analytics is not used on our website.

9. Data security

We also use technical and organizational security measures to: to protect personal data collected or collected, in particular against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loß, destruction or against the attack of unauthorized persons People. Our safety measures are according to the technological Development continuously improved.

We provide you with various online forms and services that you can use to send personal information to us. These forms are against Third party acceß protected by the use of TLS encryption. The Data that you enter or submit to us as a file can be saved by us and to be proceßed by agreement. Unleß the use and proceßing of Consent of the user or third parties, the consent can at any time without Information of reasons will be revoked. In this, however, poßibly the Contract fulfillment will be affected by us.

Depending on the service, you can enter various entries for identification or Prevention of abuse:

a) For identification in the delivery of data, the entry of a requires a custom identifier or other appropriate authentication become. The data is transmitted via SFTP or HTTPS against the knowledge of third parties protected if the user uses the methods of data transmißion recommended by us.

b) To prevent the use of machines so-called CAPTCHAS which do not contain images or tasks that computer scripts use can be proceßed.

10. Deletion deadlines

We store personal data only as long as the purpose of the data storage is omitted, as long as no statutory retention periods or limitation periods of data potentially useful for prosecution Deletion (in this case the proceßing of the data according to Art. 18 DSGVO limited).