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Lemgo, Großer Stein

Construction of a sheltered workshop in Lemgo, Großer Stein

The sheltered workshop for the handicapped was built for Lebenshilfe Lemgo e.V. on a site in Lemgo-Lieme. The property is situated at the crossing of "Weststraße" and "Großer Stein" in an industrial estate. Public transport is easily accessible from here.

An existing application planning for the ground plan design of the workshop was taken over for further planning. While the interior arrangement of the ground plan had to be taken over unchanged due to already granted subsidies by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), the outward appearance of the building was completely revised. The one storey building for Lebenshilfe Lemgo e.V. provides a place of work for 120 handicapped people and their caregivers.

The diverse functional areas - consisting of a production kitchen, gardening conservation, textile utilization, industrial and tyre assambly as well as office services - are arranged in order to provide optimized delivery and access conditions.

From "Großer Stein" the employees and visitors access the car park through a small lane. From here the entrance area emphasized by a protruding wall can be reached. Another lane, which connects"Weststraße" and "Großer Stein" across the property is used for deliveries.

The individual building parts form a closed and quiet yard. Moreover, an optimized supply of light is provided.

The grounds will be designed in a close to nature way. Playing areas and a soccer pitch will be installed.

The diverse working areas will be visibly distinct through different building heights and facade materials.


Lemgo Großer Stein
Lemgo Laubke

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