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Toom DIY store with outdoor garden area in Lemgo

Construction of a DIY Market with greenhouses and outdoor facilities, as well as two specialist markets (beverage and animal food market), Grevenmarschstraße 18 - 22, 32657 Lemgo

Existing commercial enterprises were demolished on the site of the Toom DIY store. The Wrenger furniture factory from 1904 and the wire factory, which later produced garden and leisure furniture. In the meantime, the Wrenger building was converted into a DIY store, incorporating the old fabric, and was the site of a printing plant. The demolition of the buildings made it possible to build a new DIY store with specialty stores on the western boundary of the site. This made it possible to enlarge the parking lot and thus create more parking spaces with wider drive aisles and parking spaces. The whole complex is located in the relation to the city center of Lemgo, which is within walking distance from the retail center.

The sales rooms of the retail areas are designed in a single-story construction with a flat roof, with a 2-story administration and social wing for the DIY store. The greenhouses are gabled to the parking lot side and are fully glazed, while the Venlo caps of the roof structure were glazed on one side only. The entrance area of the DIY store consists of a color-contrasting glazed cube. The DIY store was certified in accordance with DGNB.

Reinforced concrete constructions with columns and prestressed concrete beams, exposed concrete facade elements for the base areas of the sales areas in different heights, combined with large-area steel sandwich panels.
The facade of the administrative wing is dressed in small-format sidings, also in colour-coated steel sandwich panels.
The entrance cubicle has a facade made of red-coated aluminum profiles as a mullion and transom construction. This design has also been chosen for the entrances of the specialist markets.

The greenhouses are built as steel skeleton constructions, with a sun-proof glazing of the standing walls, held by thermally separated aluminum profiles as well as the construction of the inclined roof surfaces, but these are provided on one side with a thermal plate. The building market and specialist markets receive flat roofs with coated steel trapezoidal sheets and heat-insulated single-layer construction with roofing according to the current EnEV at the time of approval.

The DIY market is equipped with heat-insulated daylight bands in the roof surface, in order to guarantee 20% of the exposure of the sales area with daylight.
The floor coverings of the specialist markets consist of floor tiles, laid in a shaking concrete process, the DIY market receives a hardened and ground concrete floor.


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