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Petrol Stations

The here depicted petrol stations serve only as filling stations and offer no additional services save checking of tyre air-pressure and taking-in of waste oil, so that they consist mainly of a roof with skylight. Our architectural goal was to develop a light type of construction which could be realised in various forms and to create a certain lightness of feeling by departing from rigid configuration of the supporting structure.


Petrol Station Hameln, 1997

Size of Property: 3,608 m², Roofing: 308 m³

Steel skeleton structure with steel girder binders arranged three-dimensionally; vaulted roof consisting of insulated trapezoidal steel sheeting and corrugated aluminium as roof covering. Tubular supports with interior drainage, and petrol-pump filling area sealed against liquids in accordance with German by-laws.

Petrol Station Bad Salzuflen, 1997

Petrol Station Schöningen, 1998

Petrol Station Wismar, 2001

Net Floor Space: 394 m²
Gross Interior Space: 1,809 m³

Construction of a petrol station by a retailing concern at the entrance of a shopping centre.

After consultation with the City of Wismar, it was agreed that a modern design should be applied here.

Petrol Station Bielefeld, Huberstraße, completion 2005